Monday, October 28, 2019


Lets cook and have some fun.  While we whip up some healthy scallops we can chatthefat.  What would like to talk about?? We can chat anything

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 6 CTF Challenge Sat

I had a $40.00 gift certificate to this restaurant so I did the best I thought.  How do you think I did??

I am a finisher  OMG these were good.

CYF Challenge Day 5

Day 5 Friday No Ben this morning because he is out of town. I did talk to someone today about the whole muscle fat burning. So you have to build muscle to burn fat. How did I feel this morning after eating those cheese curds?? Lets just say I am still good on the cheese curds (breaded) for a couple of years. If I could drag something to the delete pile I would. The important thing is how did I feel and what # am I tagging to it. I am giving it a #2. I would really have to thing before I want to eat a # 2 again. So what did I have today?? I started those potato wedges at 350 and when the salmon was done I turned it up to 425 and turned. The important part is that for the most part I only ate 1 plate. OK I ate a couple more of those wedges while I was cleaning up. I quick put them away and did the dishes.

CTF Challenge Day 4

I forgot to get some salad on my way to work. For dinner I really wanted cheese curds.  I had to take a pic of the calories.  I ate the whole box and now I am good for the next year.  Not only am I good on cheese curds I am good on any of the other breaded items.

CTF challenge day 3

I did not eat one of these

Challenge overview.
I did a video for all of you that should of posted a week ago but I had a few problems.  It is all good and life goes on.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 2 CTF Challenge 10-22-19

Day 2.  I skipped working out.  I miss class and the people in class.  So what did I have to eat yesterday??  I say yesterday because I am posting this on Wed AM  I will say I had 2 of those porkchops and I was really full.  I was full after the first one but because I am use to eating 2, I ate a second chop.

We need to have new thinking.  I have said this many times before that it is the way we think. 
New thinking;
I will eat again.  This might be hard for some people.  Yes this is not your last meal.  You do not need to stuff yourself  like you will not see food again for another week.

Lets think tapas.  When I was in Boston we changed the way we were thinking when we ate.  First we walked everywhere so we didn't want any left overs.  One of the things we did was to split things or ordered appetizers.   In NY they call them tapas.

What I think went wrong.  At one time we at a normal amount of food.  The restaurants started offering bigger plates but what they increased was the filler foods.  Filler foods are your cheap carb type foods.  Now if you are doing hard labor like farm work, you may burn off all those calories but I am not a farm worker.  There are all kinds of side effects that comes with all these extra calories and some extra weight is the least of the problems.

I am having a funny thought,  maybe what we need to do is to put every food item on it's own plate.  How would this change your life??  You would have a bunch more dishes to do.  You would need a bigger table to sit with your family because everyone would have 5 smaller plates in front of them.

Hope you had a great day and have a great Wed.  This is day 3 so it might be a harder day.  Remember the hard days are day 3, 6, 9, 12 week 3, 6, 9.  With your plan we can do this.

Pictures are from day 2
My boss left this on my desk and he is out of town for a few days so I took one for the team and ate it.

I love salads. 2 oz of cheese.  Yes I weigh out the items that are high in calories.  It is easy to eat 1000 calories of cheese.

I forgot to take a pic but I at the whole container
I needed a quick snack

I ate 2 of these.  Note to self.  I only need 1.  I was to full with 2.  How do I rate this meal?  It was an 8 how did eating 2 make me feel? 4 To much food.

I forgot to take a pic of yesterday's coffee but I had it.